Our fees are competitive and reflect my level of training and qualification. However, please do not let your finances get in the way of enabling us to help you overcome your issues: we are happy to negotiate in some situations.

Individual Therapy

Sessions are charged by the hour and the rate depends on whether you are offered and take up to telephone coaching service. As a guide, for less severe anxiety and depression, governmental recommendations suggest a course of between 6 and 12 sessions. Assessments take approximately 3 sessions.


Cancellations will be charged at full rate unless there is 48 hours notice in advance of the arranged session.

Training & Supervision

Fees are competitive and depend on whether you organisation is voluntary or private. The most common package of training is conducted over four 3 hour sessions. However, the package of training can be tailored to the individual needs of your organisation.

If our rates are competitive, why choose us?

Unlike many other therapists, although we are qualified and have extensive experience working with all mental health problems, we only offer therapy and training for issues that we enjoy working with and therefore treat most effectively.

Unlike other therapists ‘Change by Therapy’ only uses and produces training informed by evidenced based therapies, which have a strong evidence base suggesting their effectiveness.

Our "recovery oriented" approach to treatment gives us a particular way of viewing our clients: We don’t believe that you are receiving therapy because you are crazy. Rather your emotional problems are an understandable reaction to abnormal circumstances or a communication that something in your life needs to change. Why not ‘Change By Therapy’?