Change By Therapy

How can 'Change By Therapy' be of service to you?

Dr Deodata Monero B.Sc., M.Sc., DClinPsy, CPsychol (Change by therapy founder)

Dr Deodata MoneroI am a fully qualified registered, clinical psychologist with many years’ experience both with the private and public mental healthcare. My extensive experience allows me to use various proven talking therapies (e.g. CBT – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Systemic), some which contain aspects of Buddhist ‘mindfulness’ techniques to enable individuals to manage their emotions and reduce mental health issues. My technique is eclectic, using mainly cognitive therapy within an overarching systemic approach.

My background in systemic and recovery approaches permeates through every area of my practice: at the heart of every therapeutic interaction is the strong belief that the client in therapy is the expert in their own situation. I act like biographer in the sense that you have the expertise in your life but I have expertise in writing a compelling book.

My expertise in DBT means I practice in an offbeat style, which sometimes takes an unconventional approach to emotional problems. It's not to say that emotional issues are not a serious business - I wouldn't have spent 10 years training as a clinical psychologist to practice as a fully qualified a clown. However, it has been said that there in an inordinate amount of laughing from my therapy room! This style reflects aspects of my preferred therapy style (DBT) which if done well is often irreverent but always best practised in a professional and adherent manner.

I specialise in working with people struggling with:

Anxiety related issues

when you feel worried or scared all the time (generalised anxiety). Or feeling worried in specific situations: when you have unwanted thoughts (OCD), when socialising (social anxiety). Sometimes people have frightening feelings and sensations that come 'out of the blue' (panic attacks).


Feeling sad, emotionally tired and often suicidal.

Self-destructive/Impulsive behaviours

Sometimes people have unbalanced emotions which they deal with by performing self destructive acts (e.g. self harm, overspending, anger outbursts and misusing food).

People who are sure about therapy but still ambivalent about making changes to their behaviour (As we all are at times, for instance the last time I was ambivalent the last time I tried to resist a pastry from the pastries section at Sainsbury's))!
Whatever the issue, you can be assured you’ll be treated professionally with respect, courtesy and the utmost confidentiality. Sessions are available at in North London, London including Islington and Highgate.

All practitioners have worked in statutory services and are providing services for 'Change By Therapy' that are the part of their work which they enjoy the most. As a result, you can guarantee that you are delivered a service by enthusiastic and skilled individuals.